Dungeon Masters and Safety Officers

A Dungeon Master or Safety Officer, or more than one, can be most useful additions to a party. They are there to help make sure everyone is safe while they enjoy themselves, partly by ensuring that people abide by the rules they agreed to when accepting the party invitation. A DM or SO can be male or female, Dom or sub but it is essential that they are easily identifiable and introduced to all guests as they arrive. Let's consider what you should look for in good DM or SO and what their responsibilities are.

The 'Ideal' Dungeon Master/Safety Officer

Responsibilities of a Dungeon Master/Safety Officer

DMs or SOs are NOT primarily, bouncers, enforcers, or overseers. Anyone who takes this role and then tries to run the party, interrupts or disturbs couples who are not unsafe or otherwise breaking the rules, or who drinks to excess or gets involved in playing while 'on duty' should be thanked for their time and replaced by someone who will do the job properly!

It is often a good idea to arrange for several DM/SOs who can take shifts, so that they can all also enjoy the party to the full when not in role. But if you are arranging a party, please do arrange for suitable DMs or SOs if you can. They can make any party that much more enjoyable AND take some of the pressure off you!

IF YOU CAN GENUINELY MEET THE CRITERIA , you can show your gratitude for an invitation when accepting it by offering your services as a DM/SO for part of the party. If done at this early stage your offer may well be gratefully received and, if you do the job well, you may find it opens the door to many other parties in the future too.

Scene First Aid and precautions

Be safe. Enjoy!