Permanent Piercing

The word "permanent" is something of a misnomer in this context, as all piercings can be removed at will and the holes left behind will shrink until they are barely visible. It can be argued that all piercings are erotic in that if you like piercings, people who have them will become attractive to you just for that reason. However some placements are more erotic than others for the wearer, particularly nipple, clitoris and penis. These areas will become highly sensitised by piercing and some women with clitoral piercings report being able to reach orgasm when they were previously unable to. Tongue piercings can also be erotic, they are reputed to give unsurpassed oral sex.

Obviously, it will hurt. The intensity of pain will vary from piercing to piercing but it will always be very brief. Most people experience an endorphin rush or "high" which comes on shortly after the needle goes through and can last for a considerable time, maybe several days, so the act of getting pierced can be a reward in itself.

Choose your piercer carefully. Ask around for recommendations, and always visit the shop and ask questions before committing yourself. Check that the piercing room is scrupulously clean, and that the piercer wears gloves, and that all equipment to be used has been autoclaved. Insist on a single-use needle, which should be kept in it's sterile packaging until the last minute and should be opened in front of you. For any body piercing, the jewellery must be a minimum of 1.6mm thick and the needle should be the same guage. The piercer should take a helpful and reassuring attitude, and should advise you on expected healing times, and be prepared to offer an aftercare service in the event of any problems.

All permanent piercings will require twice-daily cleaning and rotating during the healing period. My personal recipe for this is a warm salt bath, to which a dash of Savlon or other antiseptic has been added. After a good soak, gently clean off any "crusties" that are stuck to the jewellery and turn the jewellery to work the cleaning solution all the way through, then repeat the proceedure with plain water. As a finishing touch I always apply tea-tree oil. Different people have different healing rates, but a general rule of thumb is that the deeper the piercing, the longer it will take.

Popular Erotic Piercings

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are many piercings available which have not been included here, these are just the ones that are most commonly sought for sexual reasons. For more detailed information on these and all other piercings, please refer to the rec.arts.bodyart FAQs

Nipples :
Healing time 3 to 12 months or longer. One of the more painful piercings, but also one of the more rewarding, most people reporting greatly increased sensitivity and a tremendous boost to their confidence. Nipples can be pierced either horizontally or vertically, with the horizontal placement being the most popular, and there is a large range of different jewellery styles that are suitable for this piercing. Nipple piercings are quite prone to infection, often because people mistakenly think they must be healed by now and start playing with them and switching jewellery before they are ready. Nipples can and frequently do take a *very* long time to settle down properly, only once the jewellery turns easily within the piercing and the piercing is no longer secreting "crusties" can it be considered to be fully healed. Migration (when the jewellery starts to work it's way towards the surface) is much more likely to afflict male nipples than female.

Inner Labia :
Healing time 1 to 2 weeks or longer. One of the easiest pierces in terms of aftercare. Labia piercings almost never migrate or become infected, and once thoroughly established ( 6 months or more) it is possible to leave the jewellery out for reasonably extended periods without risk of the hole closing over. A ball closure ring is the most suitable jewellery for this pierce. An erotic pierce in that it provides visual interest, inner labia piercings will not necessarily affect the sensitivity of the wearer.

Horizontal Clitoris Hood :
Healing time 2 to 6 weeks. A popular and attractive female genital piercing which can provide a rewarding amount of extra stimulation. The placement is through the fleshy part where the inner labia join together above the clitoris, unfortunately not all women have a sufficiently pronounced "hood" to carry this piercing, it is also often not recommended for the larger woman as pressure on the jewellery from the thighs can cause it to twist uncomfortably and may contribute to migration. Many different jewellery styles are suitable for this location, with plain BCRs, teardrop, or D-rings the most commonly worn.

Vertical Clitoris Hood:
Healing time 1 to 2 weeks or longer. This is another anatomy-dependant piercing with not all women finding it suitable, going in under the thin piece of tissue covering the clitoris shaft and out through the top. Because the jewellery is constantly in contact with the clitoris itself this can be an extremely stimulating piercing, but it can also lead to hyper-sensitivity and discomfort. A curved barbell is probably the most suitable jewellery.

Prince Albert:
Healing time 1 to 3 weeks. A dick-end job, with the jewellery going in through the urethra and out through the underside of the penis head. The Prince Albert is a much sought after classic for the gentlemen being both visually attractive and pleasurable for both partners during sexual activity, it also has a virtually 100% success rate with problems rarely if ever encountered. A ring or circular barbell is usually worn, straight barbells being largely considered unsuitable.

Reverse Prince Albert:
As Prince Albert but with the jewellery emerging from the topside of the penis.

Ampallang / Apadravya:
Healing time 8 to 10 weeks. Ampallangs and apadravyas are usually, but not always, pierced through the head of the penis, the ampallang being the one that goes straight through from left to right, the apadravya straight through from front to back. Alternatively, they can be performed further up the shaft. They may or may not go through the urethra, if they do it tends to give a shorter healing time. A straight barbell is the most appropriate jewellery, and it should be of a relatively heavy guage if the wearer will be having penetrative sex. Some female partners greatly appreciate the extra sensations afforded by these piercings but roughly equal numbers report finding them uncomfortable. Considered to be slightly tricky piercings to place correctly, some piercers are unwilling to perform them.

Healing time 6 to 8 weeks. This piercing is almost exclusively male. The pierce is performed through the ridge of skin between the back of the scrotum and the anus. The perineal area in women does not lend itself to piercing so readily and this pierce is relatively uncommon in females. The position of this piercing dictates that activities such as cycling and horse riding are best avoided during the healing period, but once healed the guiche is said to be a very comfortable and stimulating pierce. Pressure on the jewellery during foreplay can increase arousal, and gentle tugging can prolong and intensify orgasm.

Healing time 3 to 5 weeks. Basically a surface piercing, usually performed through the loose flesh beneath the penis head, although some men like to acquire "ladders" of frenums going all he way up the shaft. A straight barbell is commonly worn, but frenums can also be worn with a ring going through the pierce and completely encircling the penis, giving a similar effect to a cock-ring.

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