Anal play is not necessarily dirty, messy, smelly or inherently homosexual, unless you want it to be! Like any other form of sexual or BDSM play, anal can be erotic, painful, stimulating, humiliating, or joyous depending on your desires and intentions.

For many subs, females too but perhaps especially males, being penetrated anally is the ultimate form of domination and accepting it the ultimate demonstration of their submission. Most people are brought up to see the anus as dirty and anything to do with it as unmentionable. It possibly holds a special fascination for that reason. For men to accept penetration they must overcome all their fears and misconceptions of what that means to them. No, anal play is not unique to BDSM but it has some deep rooted associations that make it a special and often most rewarding part of Scene activities, for both people involved. Arse play has its pleasures, forms and dangers too. Enough so that it definitely deserves this section of its own.