You can read about BDSM, you can talk about it, you can chat about it on the 'net, you can watch videos, but you just can't beat the hands-on experience. Of course you can beat on the hands but we'll get to that later, I promise! The Dom/me's hands are so versatile, apart from gripping toys they can be used on their own to caress, stroke, drum, flick, massage, pinch, pluck, pleasure, rub, nip, scratch, spank, tickle, tease or torment ... the list goes on and on. On the sub they can be tied, tawsed, or caned, or used to serve or pleasure the Dom/me, again just for a start to the list. Hands are designed to be so sensitive that they can convey myriad information about our surroundings yet tough enough to work and survive. They are truly amazing, targets for so much and yet, to preserve their usefulness they must also be treated with respect.

Most of the time in these sections we consider what can be done TO parts of a sub's body, and we will get to that here too but first for a change lets consider what they can do WITH this body part.