For our purposes here we are talking about the area above the eyebrows over the top and down the back to the junction with the neck and down the sides to the top of and behind the ears. Technically areas such as the face and ears etc. are part of the head but they are dealt with separately. The head contains the brain, though you may sometimes think that organ is located elsewhere in some people! Because it contains the brain and the brain is fairly important the head is usually not much associated with BDSM play but even here there are exceptions.

Let's get one thing out of the way immediately. The head is NEVER a target for any sort of CP play, in fact great care should be taken to ensure that it is not even struck accidentally during play. That the flick of a flogger tail may not do any physical damage or even hurt much isn't the point. Striking your sub's head when they know, and know that you know, that isn't regarded as safe is likely to destroy a lot of trust, faith and confidence. Deliberately striking the head, even with a slap around the back or side is totally irresponsible!