'Right! Smith minor, stop that giggling at the back of the class and get yourself off to the Head Mistress's study, NOW!' Very well, now we have got that out of the way (and roused more than a few stirrings among would-be Smith minors and Head Mistresses no doubt) let us begin a serious study into the potentialities and contra-indications of the employment of male genitalia in Sado-masochistic activities. Or ... we can just consider how you can have BDSM fun with cocks and balls! We'll assume that we don't have to talk about the birds and the bees here, and just concentrate on the more 'relevant' activities.

As in all things BDSM subs' tolerance to CBT varies. For our purposes CBT means Cock and Ball Torture, though some have pretty low resiliance to Computer Based Training too. Cock and Ball bondage is probably a fairly safe place to begin as the pain of tightly bound genitals only really comes on gradually so it doesn't cause quite as much fear and panic as beating them with a paddle. Save that for later!