Ah the mouth! Source of such pleasures of taste and touch, to both the owner and the target of its attentions. Holding a tongue that might at one time be stilled by a gag and at another commanded to sensuous movement to bring delight to a Dom/me. Or it might be used by the Dom/me to tease and torment the sub. Surrounded by lips and teeth to kiss and suck and nip and nibble, to bring sweet reward or sweeter retribution! What uses can we safely make of the mouth?

Control of the mouth is most often done with a gag, although the same precautions generally apply to bits used in pony play. The main consideration is to stop the sub from speaking or making any loud noise while still allowing them to breathe. Most often it is a good idea to allow your sub to breathe! However, most gags are fitted to a strap, bridle, or harness of some kind and there are many kinds of stopper which can be attached.