The neck is often a site of decoration and even of some gentle play in BDSM but, as it contains major blood vessels that feed the brain, tubes that allow us to breath, and the upper part of the spine, it must be treated with great respect and caution. That said, it is an area that is very sensitive to touch, its vital nature makes it an area open to threat and therefore a target for great mind games, and it looks wonderful in a collar! .

Differing forms of play often centre around the neck, some are good some are potentially lethal! So we must consider the threats and precautions particular to playing with this part of the body.

A sub is sometimes secured by attaching the collar to a fixed point. This may be done by a chain or they may be close shackled to prevent them moving their head, during a whipping for example. Close shackling can actually aid safety by ensuring that a sub stays where the Dom/me wants them and doesn't move their face and eyes into the path of the instrument the Dom/me is using.

If a sub is chained by the collar the chain must always be long enough to allow them to fall completely prone to the lowest point around them. If a sub is close shackled, the rest of the body must be fastened or supported so that they cannot fall and become suspended by the collar. The same is true if the sub is in stocks or a yoke.