Ahhh! the sensuality of the silky smooth firmness, warmth and heady aroma of a Domme's thighs clamped tightly around your body or face. Her control, your sumbissiveness, the temptation, the desire, the reward of her closeness for your obedience to her command to wait, to do nothing until she allows it. Slim or thunderous, firm or quivering, a glimpse of thigh above stocking or boot top is enough to arouse many a male or fem sub. When they are together the exploration of your eyes along the dark valley between them leads to a temple of ecstasy. When parted their invitation or open yet frustratingly forbidden portal promises the ultimate prize for your total loyalty and compliance. If you are lucky!

For the Dom/me the sensitivity, the closeness to sites of even greater sensitivity, the spacious canvas on which to trace out the evidence of their skill, all beckon to making use of the tender yet resiliant backs and inners or tougher, challenging fronts and outers of a sub's thighs. And so many ways to use them for the delight of both, the sizzling of candle wax, the sharp sting and etched lines of the cane, the slap and resulting glow from the flogger in contact with trembling yet achingly willing flesh. All mixed with the sharp intake of breath or gentle moans of the sub which convey their tormented appreciation.